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Arrest for minor in possession  asked 8 Nov 2010
Hi George! My brother-in-law, Matt, was 19 years old and is due in court at the beginning of the year. He was at a friend's house drinking. It was not a party it was just a couple of friend at the house. The police were called to a house that was having a party. In the subdivision he was in the street names are the same except one ended in "Court' and the other 'Boulevard'. The police went to the wrong house where Matt was at and entered without permission. Upon entering the house he immediately noticed the underage drinking and asked for them to call their parents. They complied and when Matt called he let my mother-in-law know what was going on but they asked the police officer since he did not plan on driving if he could just stay. He was not acting belligerent but the police officer arrested him. He has been charged with public drunk and minor in possession. I was just wandering what we could do about this because I did not think you could be arrested for public drunk while in a house. When he was being arrested he was not told what the charges were until his mother went to get him. Thanks, Danielle

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