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License Suspension  asked 18 Sep 2011
I recently received notice that my driver's license was suspended due to accumulation of points. The notice shows four tickets on my record: Disposition Violation Points 9/6/11 7/25/11 3 8/31/11 7/16/11 6 7/22/11 7/6/11 3 12/7/09 8/18/09 4 However, before the most recent court date I checked my license status and only had 9 points on my license so, instead of taking off work to appear and plead Nolo, I opted to pay the ticket, which would have put me at 12 points. I was wondering if my license was wrongly suspended, seeing as how the oldest ticket's points had fallen off my record before the court date. It would seem to me that I should have only had 12 points on my license, and not the 16 that the notice describes. Is there anything I can do to maintain my driving privileges and not have to pay for reinstatement?

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