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I got nailed going 86 in a 70 zone on 75 near Dalton. My uncle-in-law (a lawyer, not criminal) called about the charge and was told that the super-speeder was four points on my record and that I needed to ask the judge to go to Defensive Driving school. There was no attempt to ask to drop the speed to 14 over. I think he got wrapped around the axel on the super speeder information. I can only find that the super speeder law adds $200 to the ticket and no points. I can also go to a Defensive Driving school any time I choose, correct? I don't need ask the judge, as far as I can tell. Should I still pursue getting them to drop the ticket to 14MPH over? That would eliminate the super speeder ticket too, right? My record is perfectly clean for the last 22 years.

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